Saturday, October 11, 2008

After many moves to many states, not only has God provided us with a wonderful home here in Texas, but had led us to an amazing church and church family as well. It really was by accident that Dustin attended First Baptist of McKinney one weekend when I was out of town. He thought he was going to a different church. He was so excited for me to go the next week and from then on we really have felt at home. Church is something we really look forward to every week. This fall Connor started going to a preschool program at the church two days a week. Here's my big boy on his first day of school.

Connor loves going to school. He's such the little social bug. (I have no idea where he gets it.) He's the only kid in his class not crying when I drop him off. He's ready to get started with all the fun stuff he gets to do.